About the California Melody Boys
Gospel music is one of God's greatest tools for communicating His good news and hope.  Since 2002, the California Melody Boys have been privileged to deliver this message to hearts and souls throughout the western region of the United States.  Known also as CMB, this vocal trio utilizes harmonies that represent various types of music styles but was founded in the Southern Gospel genre.  Current members of the group, including founder, Larry Martin, believe that song selection, lyrics, and the overall message are priority.  However, in order to preserve and promote it's inspirational delivery and it's use of biblical passages as lyrics, the trio is committed to keeping southern harmonies in the mix.  The group is available for special music appearances, entire church services, fundraisers for non-profit organizations, camp meetings, and conventions.  Their presentations offer something for everyone.  See what others have said about this ministry in the "Testimonials" tab.  You'll laugh, clap, sing, and cry as music and testimonies are presented.    

History of the California Melody Boys
Year Created:  2002
Founded By:  Larry Martin
Current Members:  Larry Martin, David Donald, Dave Crandall
Original Members:  Larry Martin, John Harness, Randy Branson, Chris Ferreira 
Past Members:  Mark Taylor, Daymon Qualls, Ken Hurley, Doug Wiley, Marshall Mann, Craig Smith
Members of the Western States Gospel Music Association
Members of the Central California Southern Gospel Music Association

Current Member Biographies
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